About Company

Our offer is addressed to individual clients, condominiums, administrators, residential or office buildings, all kinds of companies.

Very often in your premises are beautiful floors, countertops and window sills. As a result of improper maintenance and the passage of time their natural charm was hidden under a layer of chemicals, and attempts to renovate c domestic measures do not allow the extraction of natural gloss which gives the effect of grinding and on the contrary may cause degradation of the stone.

Our company was founded thanks to a fully professional preparation by years of practice in two Warsaw interrelated companies, dealing with sanding floors, windowsills, countertops, Staircase stone, terrazzo or marble.

Conscientiousness, reliability and full professionalism is our domain. Expertise for work, and our knowledge is our another advantage. Many years of experience combined with customer satisfaction and our employers resulted in the idea to start their own business. Our reasoning was very simple.  Since we made projects ordered by our employers and they were accepted without customer feedback, and it unmistakable even further orders, we thought this was the time to exist independently on the market. We are not afraid of competition because of it, and perform tasks directly by us allows both us what you closer contact, which results on a regular basis the implementation of ideas as well as our client. Therefore, we encourage a new approach to the natural beauty of the stone, which you have in your environment and encourage cooperation